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ALL DONE ENTERPRISES has been helping families and friends recover properties that have been neglected for various reasons. This category of cleanup is more common than most believe. We routinely work discreetly with families and friends of people who have been unable to take care of their property due to physical or mental limitations. Often, garbage, trash and other items with little obvious value accumulate to the point that renders the premises unsafe.

Besides the fire hazard, odors, and issues with just walking through the home, bacteria colony, insect and/or rodent infestation occurs requiring a trained professional to safely remove the excess and salvage those items that have value. Professionals need to wear appropriate personal protective clothing and respiratory protection during these cleanups to avoid exposure to such hazards as bacteria, Hanta virus, histoplasmosis, staph viruses including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and E. coli just to name a few. ALL DONE ENTERPRISES can aid in not only performing the disposal of the materials deemed not salvageable, but will also sanitize, clean and deodorize to help protect the property value.

Hoarding is a diagnosed medical condition. We understand this and do not judge anyone. We are here to help you and family deal with this. There are many ways to approach this type of cleaning and feel like we are one of the most qualified specialists that you need. Please don't ever hesitate to call.

Whether you or someone you know is faced with hoarding, also known as pack-rat, tendencies ALL DONE ENTERPRISES is your solution. ALL DONE ENTERPRISES offers hoarding cleanup services throughout New Jersey . For hoarding estimates, advice or information call us toll free at 1(800) 682-2056.

Although hoarding may not be well known about or even accepted by others but you don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed. You are not alone; hoarding is a disease that many suffer from. Some people don’t even realize it is a problem until it’s too late - usually by that time the hoarder is far too embarrassed or ashamed to openly ask for help.

In our experience, most hoarders don’t come forward asking for help or asking for a cleanup - someone usually steps in and either grabs the bull by the horns or forces their hand. Our crews are very understanding and empathetic to both scenarios. We do not ever approach the scene with a preconceived notion that we will throw everything away. We do realize that there is some sort of emotional attachment.

We have provided trash out services to hoarding clients at their request; we have also searched high and low for valuables and other situations where we have separated the trash from the salvageable items. We treat each and every hoarding situation as a unique situation - because that’s what it is. People who hoard or “collect” excessively have triggers and reasons for doing so, whether they consciously know it or not, and these people respond to the “declutter” process differently. Some people take it really hard and feel as if they have suffered a sever loss - while others view it as making room for more.

We realize that opening your house to a hoarding cleanup company is a huge step. Even if the “collector” is not cured it’s a very big step. It is important that you are comfortable with, not only the person you met and hired - but that you’re comfortable with the crew and the company - our crews are very compassionate, understanding and nonjudgmental and most of all we want to help you get things back in order, all of our crew members are willing to go on the initial estimate if that is something our client would prefer.

It can be very overwhelming and you may not even know where to start. We will design a program, tailored to your needs and wants and keep you abreast along the way.

Hoarding not only affects the lives of the hoarder but often times a landlord, family member or property owner may find they are left to deal with these situations. It can be very time consuming and not everyone has the patience or spare time to devote to handling these situations. Another fact to consider where hoarding is a problem are rodents, insects and other pests that may have taken up residence. Usually there is much more than meets the eye.

Signs of Hoarding, Clutter, PackRat, Distressed Properties;

Extreme collection and storage of items in the home and in the yard.

Accumulation of combustible materials (newspapers, magazines and rubbish).

Blocked exits (doors/windows).

Narrow pathways in the home.

Rat and/or insect infestations.

Rotting food and/or used food containers.

Human and/or animal waste.

Long-term neglect of home maintenance.

Non-working utilities, such as heat, running water, sewer, refrigeration.

Hoarding is not limited to any age, race, gender or nationality.

Hoarding behavior can begin early in life but is more prevalent in older adults.

Hoarders can be of any educational or socio-economic level.

They are unaware that their living circumstances pose a danger to themselves and to others.

They are unable to change unsafe conditions on their own.

Hoarding is a proven (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder known as Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome.

These individuals are so overwhelmed that they don't even know where to begin cleaning, so they do not... it just gets worse over time. 

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