Foreclosure Clean-Out

ALL DONE ENTERPRISES specializes in REO, Foreclosure, and Bank Owned Property clean-outs. 

We are equipped to handle any type of cleanup and demolition. We handle any size jobs from one single table on the side of your office building to any large jobs, which require Bobcats and dump trucks.

When you choose ALL DONE ENTERPRISES, we get the job done right! Upon request, our crew can take before and after pictures at the bank owned property clean-out.

Simply call us Toll Free at 1 (800)-682-2056

Professional and fast! That is exactly what our Real Estate Agents say about our REO and Foreclosure clean out services. We offer same/next day service and cover all New Jersey and part of New York.

ALL DONE ENTERPRISES services include REO and Foreclosure Clean out! We get your property cleaned up and ready to sell fast!

Buying, renting or selling a property, we can help you clear out the trash from inside or outside of your property. Our Real Estate Clean-Out Services can help you through every step until your trash is removed from property. All you need to do is relax and leave the clean-up to ALL DONE ENTERPRISES.

What types of Services do ALL DONE ENTERPRISES provide?

On Site- Property Preservation: Services are done in 3/5 days with before and after photos submitted to mortgage field service companies.

Locksmith: Re-key the doors on a foreclosure home, while installing padlocks on any gates or garage doors, using combo lockboxes.

Trash Out / Debris Removal: With the large number of abandoned and vacant homes a crew is needed to clean up trash and remove debris, to improve interior and exterior of the property. We provide before and after photos.

Janitorial Services: Some homes will need to be cleaned by a cleaning service that sweeps and mops the floors, vacuum carpet as well as scrubbing sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers. Window cleaning is another service for front and back of the home.

Winterization and De-winterization / Plumbing: Checking the plumbing system and providing winterization for any wet areas, to make sure that the home is prepared for the cold weather. We also perform the necessary de-winterization.

Lawn Care Services: We will provide both an initial lawn care service as well as maintain the landscape. Most clients agree that service twice a month is more than sufficient at maintaining the curb appeal necessary to sell the asset for the most amount of money. Services include mowing, removal of clippings, and trimming of shrubbery.

Swimming Pool Maintenance: REO property with a pool, is maintained by the operation of the pool, beginning with the filtration system. Per clients request, pool will be drained, cleaned, and refilled when necessary.

Lockouts / Evictions: Assist the local sheriff with the removal of personal property in accordance with local laws and the client's written instructions.

Repair & Remodeling: Many times a lender just wants to sell a home "as is" with all of its faults. Other times the Asset Manager will recognize that a minimal investment in renovation will pay off at the closing.  We are a licensed and insured New Jersey General Contractor. We will perform all the work according to client-approved proposals and local building codes.

Why you should choose ALL DONE ENTERPRISES:

  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Free estimates
  • Recycling specialists
  • Efficient & modern equipment
  • Guaranteed low rates
  • Same-day/Next day service
  • Weekend pickup available
  • Evening pickup available

Call us today toll free for a free estimate at 1 (800)-682-2056

304 Harrison Ave - Unit C

Lodi, NJ, 07644

1 (800) 682-2056

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